Article by Mariano MorĂ n – Promalaga

Recently, the European Commission has put in the hands of artificial intelligence the previous screening for the nominations of the prestigious EIC Accelerator program that replaces the previous SME Instrument.

The capabilities demonstrated by the applications of artificial intelligence make us think that some professions will have more future, and which will disappear in a time, perhaps closer than we expect.

The skills required for a mentor are varied and based on knowledge and experience, as well as the intention to share knowledge to achieve the objectives and it is always necessary to have some empathy, as has been shown in Intellectual Output 1, that analyses the figure of the mentor in the 6 countries from the participants in the Bridging the Gap project.

Although machines have the advantage of their capability of processing countless data, humans bring the emotional touch that often makes the difference.

Possibly in the future, Artificial Intelligence will be able to make the work of mentors much more effective by providing new solutions based on the mass processing of data that we are not able to imagine right now.