What are the competences needed by intermediaries to work with Creative and Cultural industries?

On the 30th of May, in Matera, Italy, European Capital of Culture 2019, our project had the first open event to promote the work done by the partnership and present the first output of the project, the competence framework for intermediaries (facilitators, mentors, trainers) working with creative industries and young professionals interested in a career in the sector.

Materahub, Italian partner of the project and host of the event, run two sessions during the evening. The first one to present the output directly to a group of stakeholders interested in the project and in the work that Matera as Capital of Culture is doing on creative industries. This first moment saw the participation of intermediaries from Spain and France together with other local actors.

The second part of the event was organized as a public and open presentation of the project, held in a cinema, a perfect place to inspire creativity in the audience.

With the Bridging The Gap partnership, represented on stage by Trevor Burgess from Rinova, project coordinator, and Eva Balazovicoca from the Regional Agency Senek, Materahub invited also local intermediaries that are currently working to support the sector and young people to become future professionals of culture and creativity. Among them the C-LAB of Basilicata University, Sviluppo Basilicata a regional development agency and the Municipality of Matera with its plan for the “city of innovation and creativity”.

Closing remarks were left to expert of accounting for Creative Industries that presented what is needed to know for consultant and facilitators when it comes to supporting from administrative and financial point of view a startup in the creative and cultural sector.