The City Council designed a Promalaga program management with EOI, and the first Coworking space was installed in an accessible building on Álamos Street, to later release the phenomenal facilities of the Malaga Digital Content Pole, in January 2017.

Although, the EOI has more than 50 Coworking spaces distributed throughout the national territory, applying the entrepreneurship program in multisectoral mode, in the case of Malaga, and by the special commitment of the City Council and Promalaga for industries with potential mayor, they agreed dedicated the Malaga Coworking to the Media and Digital Entertainment industry.

Thus, the GoToWork program of EOI has been determined as an excellent model for the promotion of entrepreneurship in Spain, and in Malaga it is also working successfully; but as I always say, this statement is confirmed very simply, questioning the entrepreneurs participating in the five editions that we carry out, they are the only proof that the program works.

The excellent reception of the program and the good results obtained, experienced that, reaching the conclusion of the first agreement, both EOI and the City of Malaga, through Promalaga, agreed to sign a new agreement, with the same framework for action, in Summer of 2018, which covers the following editions to come.

And what’s this about GoToWork? It is an impulse program that can be considered pre-incubation or acceleration, since we adapt to the state of the project at the moment in which we fix each edition of the program, and therefore the results will vary depending on whether the project is in the conceptual phase (seed) or, at the other extreme, with a newly constituted startup, so the range of states is wide and for all we have the same months of program application.

The School of Industrial Organization has produced its own methodology, applicable in the GoToWork program, complementing the recognized Lean Startup Methodology with essential components of Design Thinking, and all this, in Coworking of Malaga, we have adapted as much as possible to the typology of projects of Our target industry.

The Mentors are part of the EOI teaching staff and we require demonstrated experience in business models similar to those of our entrepreneurs; The responsibility of a Project Mentor is high, and its role is essential to promote projects and guide them towards economic viability.

In addition, all projects have expert participants on demand. Specialist Mentors are required for specific subjects recognized as sensitive to the success of the project. In Malaga, these matters tend to escape, by far, from the usual ones of greatest demand, such as Digital Marketing, Legal and / or Finance. We have had requests as curious as those of experts in role-playing game tactics, movement physics for characters, spherical photography, serious games, hand-textured 3D, VR, AR…. Etc.

We are especially proud to get recognized experts to come to help entrepreneurs, since it is the interest in providing their support that has made us have in our specialist register Marvel illustrators, members of the King (Candy Crush) team, of Digital Legends, Genera Games, Tequila Works, BadLand and others, as well as influencers of the level of Outconsumer or Fukui.

Another key component of the GoToWork program is the workshops, and EOI show them off. A total of 15 workshops taught in sequence related to the course of the method during the 5 months, and address all the most affected issues when undertaking, and always from the perspective of the industry that distinguishes us as one of the specialized coworkings of EOI in Spain.

And surrounding it all, the coworking space itself, a place of obligatory passage for the visitors of the Digital Hub of Malaga, where the word synergy makes real and controlled sense, because our verticality causes the teams to interact on a daily basis, where collaboration occurs naturally, and where business projects are consolidated as a result of the union of entrepreneurs who merge their ideas to generate more solid and economically viable models.

But this does not end here, financing is key, both in the digital media sector and in the videogames sector; and that coexistence and coordination between Coworking EOI and the Digital Hub (Promalaga) is shaping what, until now was the most complex, attracting investors, generating crowdfunding campaigns, contributions from accelerators and publishers, as well as public or private financing for these entrepreneurship projects.

The GoToWork program also includes two events of its own, the Investors Day, a fire test in elevator pitch mode with the assistance of potential interested in investing, and the DemoDay, a one-off full-time event where all the projects expose their products/services to the attending public with the aim of receiving feedback from the market.

Each edition of the EOI Coworking in Malaga has started with 20 projects (21 the 5th and 22 the 6th), in accordance with the budget framework provided. This means that, to date, more than 120 projects have applied to the GoToWork program, and more than 270 coworkers have participated, understanding as such, the project owners and the members of their teams.

That the videogames sector exceeds, and by far, the film and music sectors together, we have already worked to disseminate it at all levels. Even so, I personally always recommend that this be said slowly, everything that music generates, everything that cinema produces…it is incredible.

A video game development studio, in its beginnings, can be formed with a team between 3 and 9 people, if in the future it grows, it can have more than 170 direct employees, such as Genera Games, the largest company in Andalusian video games. The current reality is that Spain stands out in the videogame sector by singularities, and not because we are part of the set of tractor countries, and this is something that we must take into account for the future.

With all of this, the city demonstrate their public commitment so that Malaga is already recognized in Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao, in the sector of videogame development, is a bet for the future, for professions and future jobs, and that the fact of creating video games must be considered in all its value, and not that, due to ignorance, it can be underestimated from a playful stage perspective, since here everyone works very hard to consolidate in one of the most complex markets that exist today, but with greater potential.