The BtG project is centred on supporting professional development of the emerging role of the Creative Enterprise Mentor. This has involved defining the scope of a role whose emergence reflects the fast-changing and dynamic nature of the creative industries. As a sector characterised by a large number of sole traders and micro businesses, enterprise is an important part of the working culture and there is an increasing need for trained facilitators and mentors to underpin growth. Hence the identification of this new specialist role of Creative Enterprise Mentor. Through industry consultation in each country the partnership began by creating an Occupational Profile and Competence Standards for the role, which in turn formed the basis for a series of learning modules as the basis for an informal learning curriculum.

For each learning module, the BTG partnership has developed and curated a suite of selective and high quality learning content and resources online and offline to support the professional development of Creative Enterprise Mentors. Now we are about to launch our new Moodle platform, an online learning environment for Creative Enterprise Mentors which will gather together the curriculum and all the materials developed and curated by the project partners since September 2018. This digital tool was developed by Dimitra with the close technical support of Rinova, Promalaga and all the other BTG partners through a process of user-led design, which will also involve piloting and feedback from each of the partner countries.

The aim of designing an Open Source Learning Environment is to build a flexible and adaptable collaborative environment adapted to the needs of a community of learners who are adept at “learning by doing”. Evolving over time, it reflects the needs of learners spread over different countries and time zones, and meets the increased need for digital connectivity and remote collaboration during the current Covid crisis. It provides both synchronized and asynchronous learning, and as a result, maximises opportunities for fostering a learner-centred and collaborative approach to learning.

The platform will be launched in September 2020 and tested during the following 6 months. A final fully reviewed version of the platform will be then released in March 2021. All those participating in the piloting and testing will have practical and real-life experience of the CE Mentoring role. These groups will consist of both specialist CCI advisers and generalist career counsellors and business advisers.

We see the exchange and transfer of competence and expertise between the partners in co-designing learning content for the platform as an innovative way forward in the vocational education and training sector for the creative industries. This approach is leading us to our ecosystem for an ‘e-learning community’ of networked I-VET Creative Enterprise Mentors that will continue to evolve this learning environment beyond the lifetime of this project.

Do contact us if you would like to be involved in the piloting and testing of Bridging the Gap